Embroidery Digitizing

Digitiing software is used to create embroidery designs by programming the embroidery machine to produce a specific design in a certain color with a specific type of stitch. The digitizing department has to re-create the artwork using stitches by plotting points. Essentially, the image is drawn in the same pattern that the threads will later be stitched.

Vector art files are helpful for the digitizing process, however, they are not required. It is possible to digitize from scanned image or simple jpeg and other bitmap files with reasonable quality.

Once a design has been digitized, it can be edited, transformed and combined with other designs.

Additional Charges:

Digitizing Charges: $15.00 (a) per thousand stitches … minimum - $80.00 (a)

Tape Edits: $40.00 (a)
Personalization – One line - $7.00 (a), Two Lines - $10.00 (a)
Poly Bagging - .30cents net per item, we supply the bags

Dakota Collectible Designs: if you take advantage of our stock designs, and place an order for more than 36 pieces, there will be no set-up charge. If less than 36 pieces, there will be a $20.00 service charge.

Copy of a disk: $10.00

We are not responsible for sewing results on customer supplied DSI files.

All shirts steamed and folded: no additional charge.

No extra charge for Solvy topping materials.